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Certificated Training
For Security Professionals

Almost every single day, the PrepYou.Eu Training Team receives a call or email from at least one young man (it’s always a man) declaring he wants to work in Private Security. The vast majority of these young men have zero experience in their nation’s militaries, law enforcement or first responders but have been in contact with nefarious “training organisations”, mainly in pro-Russian, non-EU/Non-NATO countries who tell these young men what they want to hear and promise to make them highly-skilled operators with the potential of vast amounts of industry work after attending one of their 7-day courses.

These organisations have only one mission; to take the money of gullible young men who wish to live a fantasy life of daring-do.

Juliet7 intends to disrupt this behaviour by offering only the highest level of certified training in all aspects of modern security from firearms to the application of drones and career advice to allow a true professional to develop their deployment opportunities with the best (former) NATO instructors working in the industry.

No course we offer will substitute the experience you will gain by serving in your own country’s armed forces. If you have not completed even conscript or mandatory military training in a recognised international military, your chances of career progression in ANY part of the security industry are low to non-existent. 


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