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Complete Close Quarter Battle (CQB)


The Juliet7 Complete Close Quater Combat course is a 4-day, 8-module training package designed to take students through the technicalities of fighting in confined areas such as buildings and vehicles. Our course focuses as much on live-range work as force-on-force simulation training to ensure this is the most advanced and up-to-date CQB training package available in our region.



Welcome to Juliet7.Com’s Complete CQB Course. Dive deep into the core elements of room and building entry, and master the techniques for clearing stairwells and corridors. This curriculum mirrors the foundational skills imparted to elite operators during their CQB training journey. We prioritise a clear grasp of the basics, ensuring you comprehend the essential tactics before progressing further. By the end of this course, you’ll be well-versed in CQB principles, adept at both individual and team-based tasks essential for building clearances. This course is your stepping stone to advanced CQB, Active Shooter training, and beyond. Join us to lay the groundwork for expertise in tactical operations.

Over a comprehensive 40-hour period, we offer an immersive learning experience, modelled after the strategies and methodologies adopted by world-renowned special operations units. This course provides a deep dive into close-quarters battle, guiding trainees through individual and team-level tactics, techniques, and protocols.

50% of the training time will be on live ranges with the remainder at the Juliet7 Team House using Force-On-Force Simulation weapons. A good level of live weapon handling is expected from all delegates on sign-up.



The curriculum includes:

  • An exploration of dynamic CQB principles, safety protocols, priority threat sequences, and effective penetration strategies.
  • Detailed sessions on robust tactics such as strongwall procedures, corner and centre-fed room techniques, and the intricacies of room combat.
  • Hands-on lessons on vital procedures, ranging from door and entry methods to communication strategies in two and four-man configurations.

Our sessions are held at state-of-the-art facilities, including a live-fire training arena and the Juliet7 Team House Training Centre. Here, the foundational aspects of close-quarter combat tactics are ingrained in every participant.



As the course advances, you’ll delve into:

  • Team-centric strategies curated to enhance individual and team proficiencies, as well as the standard operating procedures for small teams.
  • Tactics for navigating hallways with precision, securely clearing complex paths like Ls, Ts, and 4-ways, and mastering last-room clearance techniques.
  • In-depth training on post-assault protocols, from securing strongholds to handling hostages, marking territories, and coordinating evacuations.


Culminating this intense learning experience, the final day is dedicated to team emergency action (“Actions-On”). Delegates will be equipped with knowledge on assault planning, preparation, and execution. To ensure practicality and real-world application, students will engage in force-on-force exercises. These sessions, conducted using role players and non-lethal training ammunition (NOT Airsoft!), are meticulously designed to test tactics and provide critical feedback on performance.


  • Understand types of CQB including Hostage Rescue
  • Understand actions at the door for both corner and centre fed rooms 
  • Successfully complete QCB scenarios as solo, two-man and four-man entries
  • Move tactically in hallways with point man and the number two man driving the train using bump calls
  • Understand how to accomplish moving through procedures and deconfliction
  • Understand stairwell movement and target flow
  • Conduct full team target clearances using force on paper and force on force with role players
  • Conduct post assault procedures, stronghold security and marshalling procedures


  • Duo & Quad Team Strategies
  • Foundational Room Clearance
  • Threat Ranking System
  • Detailed Room Inspection
  • Sequential Room Tactics
  • One and Two-Person Corner Clearance


  • Comprehensive 360° Security Protocols
  • Ascending/Descending Stairway Tactics
  • Urgent Evacuation Protocols


  • Corridor Movement Patterns
  • Tackling Active Shooters in Hallways
  • Hallway Zone Assignments
  • Precision Corner Clearances in Corridors
  • Addressing Open & Sealed Doorways
  • Confronting Direct Opposite Doors
  • Navigating “L” Shaped Passages
  • Mastering “T” Shaped Intersections
  • Dealing with Quadrilateral Junctions


  • Emergency Medical Evacuations
  • IED Detection & Evacuation Protocols
  • Efficient Hostage & Culprit Management
  • Thorough Area Scanning

What’s Included:

  • Full Live fire & force-on-force PPE
  • All instruction, range, weapon hire
  • All ammunition
  • Lunch

What’s NOT Included:

  • Load carrying & shooter belt
  • Plate carrier
  • Helmet
  • Transport to and from TRG Centres
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast & Evening Meals

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